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Just a bit of foreword. Our previous release, Amalgam was supposed to be named d`Rye & s'Wheat, but all in all it's got its name. So this is a rye cousin of Amalgam. More rounded and soft, fruity and balanced, this can be a wonderful first step into the wilderness of sours for people unacquainted to this style. This can be a converting bottle for beginners or pure enjoyment to the long-time aficionados of the unpredictable and exciting part of brewing industry. Red wine barrel. Bottle is 0,375 l

OG 13.3 ABV 6% IBU 15
Tasting notes: soft notes of peaches, pine-apple, tart apples
Serving temperature: 10-12 C°
Food pairing: young cheeses, salad with blue cheese

We continue our experiments with vast universe of wild yeast and wood. Amalgam means mix, blend, fusion or alloy. And it's a perfect name for this beer which is a blend of wheat and rye beers transformed by work of tiny beasts (well, mushrooms, but it's details). More than half a year they works their way through this mix and changed the profile into a bone dry burst of tart apples, citrus (is it grapefruit notes? orange? tangerine? decide yourself) and pleasant glowing warmth. Deconstructed versions of wheat and rye are to follow. Time in the barrel (red wine): 8 month. Bottle is 0,375 l

OG 14.8 ABV 7,5% IBU 17
Tasting notes: citrusy, tart apples, fruity notes
Serving temperature: 10-12 C°
Food pairing: shrimps, young goat cheeses, grapefruit marmalade
Imperial Stout BA Independence Edition

Year ago, on Independence Day, while everybody been celebrating and chilling out, our brewers put 300 liters of Imperial Stout into cognac barrel and kept it there for a year, till 24th of August 2018. We've decided to start new beer endeavor and serve it still and uncarbonated, but on nitro. For you, Ukraine!

OG 24% ABV 11% IBU 52
Tasting notes: rich, toasty, molasses, toffee, dark fruit, alcohol
Serving temperature: 10-12 C°
Food pairing: aged Gouda or Appenzeller, extra-dark chocolate
Sour Vine

To tell the truth, we've started our BA project just for the sake attempting beers like this. And through all the experience, all mistakes and success, to get closer to the dream, to our personal ideal, to touch part of beer universe bordering wines. (Yes, to get involved that friend of yours, who always says he/she doesn't like beer). Belgian at first, but now fermenting in all parts of the world wild, spontaneous, mixferm creations never cease to surprise and inspire us and make us want to introduce you to these wonderous flavors. We hope, we'll manage. This Belgian Sour spent more than half a year in a porto barrel. Bottle is 0,375 l

OG 15 ABV 7,3% IBU 10
Tasting notes: tart apples, citrus, peaches, bit funky
Serving temperature: 10-12 C°
Food pairing: funky chese and fruit tarts
His Darkness

Our second BA project release is dark as moonless night, deep as abyss, crowned with red wax but not the least pompous. "His Darkness" is a bourbon barrel aged imperial stout. It spent almost a year on wood, afterwards we've blended two barrels of beer together and bottled it. Hand-bottling, hand-labeling, hand waxing, all was done with love and utmost attention to details Bottle is 0,375 l

OG 23% ABV 9,8% IBU 52
Tasting notes: woody, burnt malts and coffee, dark fruit, alcohol
Serving temperature: 10-12 C°
Food pairing: enjoy it as standalone
Hay Day

Barrels were seducing us for the longest time and we couldn't resist the temptation. So we filled the first one last May. The most difficult was keeping calm and patient. And at last we are releasing our beloved babies. "Hay Day" is a porto barrel aged farmhouse ale. It's our double first, we've never done barrel aging and never attempted farmhouse with mixed fermentation. It provides delicate hay notes and elegant tartness. Our premier is a blend of two barrels, bottled into completely new hand-numbered bottles adorned with wax gown (or crown, we haven't decided yet), because a dream-project deserves proper wrapping.
Bottle is 0,375 l
Country Winner WBA 2018

OG 14% ABV 6.5% IBU 25
Tasting notes: tart, fresh hay notes, woody flavors
Serving temperature: 8-10 C°
Food pairing: enjoy it as standalone or pair with artisanal cheese
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